GENRE: TV Series - Amazon
DIRECTOR: Gijs Polspoel
Director of Photography Konrad Wilewski
Writers Kristof Hoefkens
Gijs Polspoel
Maarten Goffin
Hasse Steenssens
Distribution Amazon
Cast Tom van Dyck
Joren Seldeslachts
Marjan de Schutter
Jade Olieberg
Saïd Boumazoughe


Timid fraud expert Frank Van Dam (Tom Van Dyck) has lost his faith in the goodness of the world, especially now that his wife has left him. Gradually he discovers a whole other side of himself, a dark side that has never come to light before. When he decides to work together with his opposite number Chris De Wulf (Joren Seldeslachts), Frank takes a completely different direction.

Chris is a charming twenty-something who can wind anyone round his finger, he earns his living with small frauds. The substantive knowledge that Frank possesses and the guts that drive Chris prove to be a golden combination. The money flows in and, for the first time in his life, Frank breaks the rules. He evolves into a mastermind, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who outsmarts everyone. But blinded by ambition and success, the scams that Frank and Chris concoct become bigger and bigger, and so does the danger…