The first Belgian
Virtual Production studio for the
cinema Industry.

previz mocap final pixel 3D

Launch your production using VR technologies. Proceed to the location scouting in VR. Assess your framing thanks to the VR blocking. All your tests will be saved straight into your real time project ready for virtual production.

Create environments that now interact with the live-action, allowing filmmakers to make real-time changes. VP creates backgrounds which move in full perspective with respect to the camera’s position. 3D Scans & point cloud

We implement and optimise high fidelity content driven by the Unreal Engine. 3D environments or high resolution video assets are not permanently rendered, allowing for unprecedented flexibility and customization until the very end.

Infrared motion capture studio covering 100m² for several motion capture performers. Inertials Xsens Suites , face and gloves for indoor or outdoor motion data captures. Set of volumetric cameras for full body capture.

We produce 360°or panoramic VFX video plates for your virtual production shootings. Cinema cameras rigged on a car are recording in sync. We stitch the footage, treat it and apply all types of vfx upon request.

Volumetric and 3D scans. Full-fledged service (data cleaning, retopology, sculpting, character design, volumetric capture)

People call it Virtual Production, but in the future it’s just going to be called filmmaking.

– Felix Jorge, Happy Mushroom