Virtual location scouting VR

Virtual location scouting revolutionizes the way filmmakers visualize and plan sets. This innovative approach allows crew members to explore virtual locations spatially, fostering an improvisational and collective shot design process similar to physical set exploration. Utilizing an HMD (VR head-mounted display), tablet, or computer screen, virtual scouting creates a shared experience for the team.

The virtual scouting experience includes repositionable props, virtual cameras with lenses, and camera supports, enabling accurate shot planning, defining set builds, and mapping out entire sequences without the need for physical construction. Filmmakers gain the power to identify essential set elements for desired shots, optimizing set construction by reducing or eliminating areas unseen by the camera. Notable productions such as Game of Thrones and The Lion King (2019) have successfully integrated virtual scouting into their pre-production workflows.



Virtual Camera (VCam) and Simulcam play pivotal roles in various visualization techniques, enhancing the effectiveness of virtual production. While traditional layout methods generate movement for visualization, VCam takes virtual production to a new level.

Camera movement is a crucial element of creative vision, with expert manual moves contributing to realism, storytelling, and audience engagement. Integrating actual human, camera, and object movement into the virtual realm brings the creative vision closer to its final form. Providing realistic camera movement during previs or pre-production engages creatives earlier in the process, facilitating collaboration and refining the creative vision sooner in the filmmaking journey.