360° high res plates

**Driving Plates for Virtual Production: Crafting Immersive Environments**

In the realm of virtual production, the creation of driving plates is a transformative process that brings realism and dynamism to virtual scenes. At our studio, we specialize in producing 360° or panoramic VFX video plates tailored for your virtual production shootings. Here’s an insight into our meticulous process:

**1. Rigged Cinema Cameras:**

   Our approach involves the strategic rigging of cinema cameras on a moving vehicle, ensuring synchronized recording for a seamless and immersive experience. This setup captures the surrounding environment from every angle, providing a comprehensive view for later use in virtual productions.

**2. 360° Recording for Panoramic Views:**

   The cameras on the vehicle are strategically positioned to capture a full 360° view or panoramic footage. This all-encompassing perspective allows for a more immersive integration of virtual elements into the scenes, enhancing the authenticity of the final production.

**3. Synchronized Recording:**

   Precision is paramount in our process. We ensure that all cameras are synchronized during the recording process. This synchronization is crucial for accurate stitching and seamless blending of the footage in post-production.

**4. Stitching and Treatment:**

   Once the footage is captured, our expert team undertakes the intricate process of stitching the recorded sequences together. This seamless stitching creates a cohesive panoramic view, providing the foundation for the virtual environment. Additionally, we apply necessary treatments to enhance the overall quality of the footage.

**5. VFX Application:**

   Tailoring to your specific requirements, we apply a diverse range of visual effects (VFX) to the driving plates. Whether it’s adding atmospheric elements, dynamic objects, or altering the scenery, our VFX team brings creativity and technical expertise to fulfill your vision.

**6. Customization upon Request:**

   We understand that each project is unique. Therefore, our team is flexible and responsive to your requests. From specific visual elements to the overall tone of the scene, we tailor our services to align with your creative goals.

**Benefits of Our Driving Plates:**

– **Immersive Environments:**

 The 360° or panoramic views captured by our rigged cinema cameras create immersive environments, transporting audiences into the heart of the action.

– **Seamless Integration:**

Synchronized recording and meticulous stitching ensure that the driving plates seamlessly integrate into your virtual productions, maintaining realism and continuity.

– **Versatility in VFX Application:**

Our driving plates serve as versatile canvases for VFX application, allowing for creative enhancements that elevate the visual impact of your scenes.

– **Tailored to Your Vision:**

Customization is at the core of our service. We work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver driving plates that align with the narrative and aesthetics of your project.

In essence, our driving plates for virtual production represent a fusion of technical precision and creative ingenuity, laying the groundwork for captivating and authentic virtual scenes. Transform your projects with our panoramic VFX video plates, where every frame tells a story of innovation and cinematic excellence.