3D scans

**Magic Loom’s Cutting-Edge Full-Body 3D Scanning Photogrammetry Services**

At Magic Loom, we introduce a revolutionary “one-click” setup for full-body 3D scanning photogrammetry, redefining the digitization process for objects and characters. Our high-resolution scanning technology captures intricate details seamlessly, providing a comprehensive solution for a range of applications. Here’s what sets our services apart:

**1. One-Click 3D Scanning Photogrammetry:**

   Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning process simplifies the entire workflow with a “one-click” setup. This user-friendly approach allows for the digitization of entire objects or characters effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

**2. Full-Body Capture in High Resolution:**

   Magic Loom’s technology enables the capture of full-body assets in high resolution. Whether it’s a complex object or a detailed character, our 3D scanning photogrammetry preserves every nuance, delivering a realistic and detailed digital representation.

**3. Retopology and Modeling Services:**

   Beyond scanning, we provide comprehensive retopology and modeling services for the assets captured. Our skilled team ensures that the digitized objects or characters are optimized for various applications, from virtual production to gaming and beyond.

**4. Seamless Integration into Workflows:**

   The outputs from our 3D scanning photogrammetry seamlessly integrate into diverse workflows. Whether you’re creating immersive virtual environments, developing characters for games, or enhancing post-production in film, our digitized assets become versatile elements in your creative toolkit.

**5. Preservation of Details:**

   We understand the importance of preserving intricate details in every scan. Our technology captures fine textures, shapes, and features, ensuring that the digital representation closely mirrors the real-world object or character.

**6. Customized Solutions:**

   Magic Loom tailors its services to meet the unique needs of each project. Whether you require assets for animation, gaming, or virtual reality experiences, our 3D scanning and modeling services adapt to your creative vision.

**7. Time-Efficient Process:**

   The “one-click” setup not only simplifies the scanning process but also makes it time-efficient. We prioritize delivering high-quality results within timelines, empowering your projects with speed and precision.

**8. Versatility Across Industries:**

   Our 3D scanning and modeling services find applications across various industries, including entertainment, manufacturing, and design. From creating lifelike characters for films to digitizing real-world objects for prototyping, Magic Loom’s services cater to a broad spectrum of creative and professional endeavors.

In summary, Magic Loom’s full-body 3D scanning photogrammetry services redefine the digitization landscape. With a focus on simplicity, high resolution, and customization, we empower creators and industries to bring their visions to life in the digital realm. Unleash the potential of realistic and detailed 3D assets with Magic Loom’s innovative scanning and modeling solutions.