Point clouds architectural scan and services

virtual production cinema

At Magic Loom, we offer comprehensive point cloud architectural scanning and services, providing a seamless bridge between the physical and virtual realms. Our array of services encompasses everything from cleanup and merging of point clouds to the delivery of versatile data formats, manual modeling, and the creation of immersive environments for virtual production in cinema.

virtual production cinema

  1. **Cleanup and Merging/Registration of Point Clouds:**

   – Our skilled team ensures the accuracy and coherence of point cloud data through meticulous cleanup and merging/registration processes, resulting in a unified and refined representation.


  1. **Versatile Data Delivery:**

   – We provide point cloud data in various industry-standard file formats, including xyz, pcb, pts, PFtrack, and SynthEyes compatible txt. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a range of applications and workflows.


  1. **Creation of Polygonal Surfaces:**

   – Transforming point clouds into tangible virtual assets, we offer the creation of polygonal surfaces. This can be achieved through both manual modeling, where our experts sculpt the digital environment per client specifications, or automated meshing for efficiency.

virtual production cinema

    1. **Virtual Production in Cinema:**

       – Magic Loom specializes in virtual production for cinema, leveraging point cloud data to create immersive environments. Whether for on-location shoots or reshoots, our virtual production services bring unparalleled realism to the cinematic experience.

    1. **Manual Modeling per Client Specifications:**

       – Our manual modeling services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. We sculpt digital assets based on specific specifications, ensuring a customized and precise representation in the virtual space.

  1. **Texture Matching and Environment Delivery:**

   – Matching High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Low Dynamic Range (LDR) textures to point clouds or models is an integral part of our service. We go beyond the scan, delivering finished environments and projection setups compatible with Maya, 3DS Max, or Nuke.

**On-Location LIDAR Scanning Team:**

   – Magic Loom provides an experienced LIDAR scan team on location for point cloud scans. This on-site digitization of shooting locations facilitates future shoots and reshoots in the virtual production process, ensuring accuracy and continuity.

**Why Choose Magic Loom:**

   – **Expertise:** Our team brings extensive expertise in LIDAR scanning, point cloud processing, and virtual production for cinema.

   – **Versatility:** We adapt our services to diverse client needs, offering manual modeling, automated meshing, and precise texture matching.

   – **Efficiency:** Leveraging the latest technologies, we ensure a streamlined process from scanning to the delivery of immersive environments.

   – **Innovation:** Magic Loom stays at the forefront of industry advancements, integrating cutting-edge techniques for unparalleled results.

In the realm of point cloud architectural scanning, Magic Loom is your trusted partner, translating physical spaces into dynamic virtual environments with precision and creativity.