Point clouds architectural scan and services

virtual production cinema
virtual production cinema

  • Cleanup and merging/registration of point clouds
  • Delivery of the point cloud data in a variety of file formats (xyz, pcb, pts, PFtrack and SynthEyes compatible txt)
  • Creation of polygonal surfaces from point clouds through manual modeling or automated meshing

virtual production cinema

  • Manual modeling per client specifications
  • Matching the HDR or LDR texture to the point cloud’s or the model’s orientation including delivery of finished Maya, 3DS Max or Nuke environments and projection setups

Magic Loom provides an experienced LIDAR scan team on location (point cloud scan) in order to digitize the different shooting locations in situ for future shoots and reshoots in the virtual production process. 

More and more production teams are turning to LIDAR scanning for accurate object and camera tracking alongside traditional set surveying in order to create data sets that are usable by modern CG pipelines.

The overall area of the scan can exceed 120 meters by using multiple scans from different positions and combining them into a single aggregate point cloud.

A set of almost any size and complexity can be scanned in this way and is, for example, how a road might be scanned in stages, later to be stitched together.