Cinematographic SFX for VP

At Blue FX Film we are dedicated to providing you  with custom-made solutions for camera and filming effects.

Our team of engineers and creatives with more than 20 years of experience in the filming industry is pleased to provide you with solutions for your technically challenging shots.

With our fast prototyping workshop (cad modeling, 3D printing, CNC machining, electronic LAB), short ways and low hierarchies we can deliver a fast response to production with a tight schedule.

Our services:

Flying effect

We are specialized in Stunt rigging effects.  We will enable your talent to fly just by being rigged with very slim yet heavy-duty cords. Many effects can be simulated like projections due to an explosion, supernatural power, float in zero gravity or we can just rig for the cause of safety.


Underwater effects

We create customs effects to shoot in water tanks or a natural environment. We can provide customs lighting effects, build some underwater animatronics, manage bubble and water effects. We can offer a variety of different underwater camera housings and safety systems for the most common camera systems. Our team of well-trained and state-of-the-art equipped HSE commercial divers can facilitate your shooting in even hostile environments.



Synchronized and robotics effects:

Since we started in 2002 to create a 150 Nikon still camera rig synched with strobe light for BFC rental s.a., we kept going developing new systems for shooting with critical timing, especially when we are shooting with a high-speed camera. This brings us competencies to work with motion control and robots and all system we can be electronically controlled, including cameras and lighting.



R&D and prototyping

We are always happy to hear the idea of other artists or technicians who try to find better solutions for their art. We can help you to prototype your concept. We strive to make your creative idea real. Just get in touch with us.